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lululemon: We’re Selling a Lifestyle, Not Just Yoga Apparel

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has wreaked havoc on various industries and weakened consumer spending, the clothing industry has been hit hard. However, one leisurewear brand has successfully turned crisis into opportunity and become a standout in the market - Canadian brand lululemon.

The Benefits of Politically Correct Branding: Why Not Give It a Try?

When June rolls around, several brands launch 'rainbow-themed products' which are associated with Pride Month, a Western festival originally created to promote equal rights. However, in recent years, the festival has become increasingly commercialised due to the lucrative business prospects it offers.

Brand Crossovers: A Survival Guide for Luxury Brands

The luxury goods industry has faced significant challenges in 2020, exacerbated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the Chinese government's implementation of a range of border control measures as part of its response to the pandemic has severely affected the production and sales of luxury goods.